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the best people create the best games. therefore, our people are a priority.

we team up with all the best talents, provide them with our best resources. not only do funplus help people succeed, but also where dreams begin.

the talents we want

we never compromise when it comes to talents. we choose the best people, build the best team, and provide the best resource for our people to become the experts in the category and achieve their goals.

are you ready to be bold and proceed?

are you ready to abandon a thousand whims for a single calling which deserves your lifetime devotion?

if the answer is yes, then you are the talents we want; here we provide you with everything you need.

together, we make the few, the bold, the funplus.

global game maker

perhaps you have a dream, taking something you dreamed about and bringing it to live, for millions to share & enjoy. making dreams come true takes tons of work and that work requires good soil. funplus has one of the best environment and strong gaming gene to bring your dream to live.

“we want people with experience”, that’s what other companies always say.

of course we also want people with good experience, but at the same time, we won’t hesitate to provide opportunities to new graduates are true lovers of games, who have the boldest dreams, and are keen to make the dream come true.

games, drones, billiards, cards. whatever you like, you may find your companion.

breakfast for free

wanna stay in bed for a little while? or just busy on your way to work. so…take your time, and we will provide you free breakfast buffet.

paid annual leave

employees can enjoy ten days of paid annual leave from the first year of their work and can be paid on a monthly basis for less than one year. after each work for one year, the annual leave days increased by one day up to 15 days.

do some sports

gym, yoga, football, basketball…we hold weekly sports competitions!

theme party

we have free beer friday, field trips, christmas dress party, everything fun happened here! 


we provide competitive salaries. every 6 months. we provide salary adjust opportunity.


we pay performance bonuses every 6 months base on the performance

special bonus

also, there are lots of hidden bonus waiting for you

fun office environment

we offer the best office environment for employees and you can play the new video games, vr and even forest at funplus