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seaway studio!

october 2, 2017

a) add workers to the stations, and then you can choose a decoration to craft. all of these decorations will drop rewards.
b) after crafting is finished, you’ll receive oceanic hammers. as for the decorations, you can choose to keep them or send them to your friends and receive more oceanic hammers in return.
c) exchange your oceanic hammers for awesome rewards one after the other! by the way, after sending all 6 kinds of decoration to your friends, you’ll have a chance to get random rc as a reward!

there are 3 stations on the panel, the first one is open at the beginning and the 2nd and 3rd one need 20 and 40 oceanic hammers to unlock.

on each station, you’ll have two items to craft. one of them can only be placed in the aquarium and the other one can be placed on the ranch. 


note: when you select a worker, the 3rd choice which can be rented with rc needs to be paid every time you craft an item. 

you can only send one gift to each neighbor. 



final rewards


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