funplus was chosen as the only case of google’s abroad case -凯发k8国际手机app下载

king of avalon heads top in more than 20 countries

mobile market is a big deal globally. in 2016, the market size grows to 40.6 billion us dollars, with an increase of 18%. every day, there are thousands of new apps come out.

in these difficult circumstances, presented by funplus group, king of avalon still holds its possession in the global market, and become one of the best slg games. 7 months after launch, koa heads top of more than 20 countries’ selling lists, accumulated more than 30 million downloads, with an average daily active users of 800000. thus, koa was chosen by google, as the only chinese case in game’s industry, of its abroad case.

youtube, flame the passion

we made a lot of videos of koa, including high quality cgis, some video guides and some funny videos presented by famous youtubers. those videos not only  represent the content of koa but also attract target audiences. through those videos, people can share, comment, and even upload their original contents, it also spreads the influence of koa. video marketing can help the game get fermented well throughout the ecology. so far, all the videos on the koa’s youtube channel has exceeded more than 400 million views.

youtube advertising for high roi players

strategy-based games generally require the support of the core users, and the game to obtain these users even more accurate positioning. in addition to making high-quality videos, koa also uses a lot of youtube advertising solutions, such as trueview and masthead, to capture the target players.

keep moving forward

youtube helps koa successfully obtained 50% of the paid channel users, and funplus believes that youtube is one of the most important platform for marketing. koa is just a beginning of funplus’s further succeed. as andy zhong, our ceo, says, “we will continue to expand our cooperation with google, to study how to make the combination of advertising and games more effective, to explore the artificial intelligence in the game development and marketing in a better way.

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