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published and operated by funplus & xii braves, the japanese-style mobile tactical rpg valiant force is ready to welcome a legendary hero – king arthur! this noble hero will grace the lands of arathos with his kingly presence and his famed entourage! as arthur and his companions embark on their quest to obtain the holy grail, they meet our main characters leon, theia, and the valiants of arathos at the inaugural god of the arena event: kingmaker’s coliseum. this is an opportunity for player to obtain them now!


the young king of camelot, arthur pendragon, joins the coliseum to test himself. help him temper his strength!

name: arthur pendragon
d.o.b: 15 december (14 – 16 years old)
home region:camelot
hobbies: reading, strolling, politics.
a young king who hails from the secluded kingdom of camelot, arthur is a kind and just boy who is undeterred by hardship and values intelligence over brute strength. accompanied by his best friends, the loyal knight lancelot and wise magician merlin, arthur is on a journey in search of the holy grail, a sacred relic he must obtain to ascend the throne as the next ruler.


game introduction
valiant force is a  new and exciting turn-based tactical rpg for android and ios; recruit from over 200 unique characters to fight for your cause and forge the greatest assembly of heroes that has ever existed. customize and pick your heroes from a wide selection ranging from classes such as the resilient guardian, the elusive shadow and the powerful mystic. seek out legendary weapons and armor, and master powerful spells and abilities.
plunge into a visually stunning fantasy world of magic and epic battles. explore the haunted depths of forgotten ruins and dungeons, or scale the breathtaking dragons’ peaks. defeat challenging enemies to discover immensely powerful artifacts, uniting the ultimate force throughout the ages.

left: “paladin”arthur pendragon   , right :”blood knight”arthur pendragon

valiant force ios & android download (free)



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