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family farm seaside is a famous farming simulation mobile game. recently, in a major update, team play was introduced. farmers can work together with other players from all over the world and complete a series of challenges in the farmers’ fair!



in this new feature, players can create a new team or join an existing team to enter the farmers’ fair. then they can start the challenge!

all members in the farmers’ fair have to cooperate together. every team member selects a pet to participate with other pets in completing orders and earning coins for the team. the team leader must assign each guest with a pet to bargain with and to earn coins. once the goal for coins is reached, everyone in the team gets rewarded!

the farmers’ fair challenges are divided into 3 challenge levels: 1-star, 2-star and 3-star. the higher star challenges are harder and give better rewards. for the first 3 times a week you join a farmers’ fair team, you will get a higher chance to earn more valuable pet cards! so remember to join in early!

players can use the auto find function to find teams or team members automatically, or players can invite their neighbors and buddies to join their teams. the team leader has to monitor the stamina status of all pets involved in the challenge, as well as assigning pets to guests. as the pets bargain with the guests, they complete orders which gain coins. once the coins goal is reached, the farmers’ fair challenge is finished and everyone can choose their reward.

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